You need expert 'on-side' proven professionals

​The holistic approach outlined above requires a professional dedicated team ready to 'march in step' to our organisations aspirations. Our experts have been through both good and bad transformation  experiences ready to deploy what works well inter experience and where necessary innovate for your benefit. They are happy to work with your in-house talented individuals to further the change agenda and deliver sustainable, effective industry leading strategies. We source experts in corporate finance, Programme & Project Management, Process implementation, Business Analysis &  Change and IT as the engagement demands. Our approach is to build your capability and encourage self reliance to assure sustainable change.       

Where We Work...

​Alite Consulting has worked across many parts of the world including UK, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Czech Republic and Mauritius. This experience and diversity continues to strengthen us with an appreciation of local cultural issues that support effective business transformation.


Alite Consulting Limited is an ‘On-Side’ Boutique Management Consultancy focused on Strategic Change enabled by Technology and Process  investment.

Our  ‘edge’ is derived from a ruthless focus on outcomes – not politics. Our straight talking approach with our Clients, our Teams and our Partners allows us to deliver rapid business enabling change.

Using a ‘Rational and Pragmatic’ approach we seek the facts with supporting data and add experience and judgment in order to drive change, innovation, creativity and Best Practice Delivery.

We are an independent ‘on-side’ partner aligned to your execution strategy and will support your management teams to deliver sustainable business change.

Specifically, we bring…

•      Independence and objectivity
•      Cross Industry Best Practice experience delivering optimum    

       ‘Hybrid outcomes’
•      Project assessments and updates delivered in clear

       unambiguous language.
•      A focus on Risk Management to minimise ‘Delivery Headwinds.’
•      Business Change - Alignment with the business teams who will    

       'Own and Sweat’  the investment.
•      Cost Effective Project Management

That’s why we are ‘On-Side’ representing your interests as a valued and trusted partner.

What's different about us?

We immerse ourselves into our clients organisation becoming a welcome extension of the management delivery team

We use experienced individuals not 'fresh out of college' graduates who make up the numbers but struggle with the operational delivery realities and cultural fit. 

We will not leave you with reams of paper and over-sized slide-decks. This may show you we are busy we know that this has  limited long term value to you. Instead we (i) focus on the necessary, (ii) facilitate the right skills to identify and answer the problem and then (iii) effectively manage the delivery of the solution. In this way we deliver long term sustainable change of real value to our clients.

What have we done...?

​Project Recovery - successfully replanned and managed high profile project to conclusion for global client 

Supplier Selection - Managed the technology selection and supplier sourcing for Oil & Gas client. Then​ facilitated effective Supplier negotiation and Supplier Management strategies.

Stabilised finance function for non-profit organisation following new ERP software implementation.

Guided C-Level Management team to implement appropriate Programme Governance model

Implemented gated project assessments for media client to better control project outcomes.

Prepared organisation for prospective business change using Inform, Train, Communicate, Assist model to establish TOM changes and Team Role Alignment